Since 1997, BEAR has worked with thousands of volunteers, social workers, corporations, as well as a variety of community partners in order to transform the services provided to at-risk and CPS-involved children in our community. We are only able to continue this work with dedicated volunteers stepping up year-round to help!

Ready to start your meaningful and impactful journey today? Looking for a way to serve others? Want to invest in your staff by hosting a team building event? Hoping to volunteer with your neighbors, friends, or family to make a difference in your community? Searching for a way to teach your Girl Scout or Boy Scout Troop to make an impact on children who otherwise would be without? Whatever drives you … there is a place for you here!!!

Available Volunteer Opportunities

To get started, CLICK HERE to create a volunteer account and see ALL the on-site, off-site, and community events that YOU can be a part of! Our greatest need for on-site volunteering occurs during our BEAR Back to School program (June – August) and BEARing Gifts (November – December). Virtual and off-site support helps fill in the gaps between these two programs and are so vital to helping us keep our BEAR Rooms stocked year-round!

Questions regarding volunteer opportunities? Please contact Volunteer Coordinator Alexis Evans, at

For a list of our most frequently asked volunteering questions, please click here.

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Seeking hours for a volunteer service project? Looking for a team building exercise for students or colleagues? See below for the different ways that you can volunteer remotely…from home, school, or even the office! Just download the Virtual Volunteer Form and attach it to your donation when it is dropped off at BEAR HQ or send it via email to Volunteer Coordinator, Alexis Evans at

Take a look at our Virtual Volunteer Opportunities below.


Through our BEAR Rooms, we are able to compile NEW bags (diaper/duffle/backpack/overnight) filled with items like a stuffed animal, blanket, hygiene kit, and more. These BEAR bags are available to children of all ages ranging from newborn to 17 years of age.

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Hygiene Packs

Most of the children, newborn – 17 years, entering Child Protective Service (CPS) have very little. Often times not even a toothbrush, toothpaste, or soap. Providing a child with the most basic of needs helps to create normalcy and establishes good hygiene.

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School Bags

Purchasing school supplies and backpacks can be difficult for at-risk and CPS-involved children, who are often struggling to make ends meet. Help create confidence, normalcy and the potential to succeed throughout the entire school year.

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Host a Drive

Drives are a great way to amplify your positive impact in a child’s life! Whether you host a drive at the office, church, with your classmates or club members, or simply start a collection in your neighborhood with friends and family, your in-kind donation is essential in helping us provide basic necessities for the abused and neglected children we serve every day. Drives are also a phenomenal way to share BEAR with more of the community!

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Make a Blanket

Join us in spreading comfort and security to at-risk and CPS-involved children by making blankets! Whether you prefer tie blankets, crochet, knitting, or even purchasing ready-made ones, your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable children. Together, we can make a meaningful impact, one blanket at a time!

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Create an Adoption Box

Creating adoption boxes for children recently adopted can make a profound difference in their transition to a new home and family! These thoughtful packages filled with comforting items and essentials can provide a sense of belonging and security during a time of change. Make a positive impact in the life of a child as they move to their forever family!

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