Heart Gallery Houston

BEAR is thrilled to adopt and support a new program, Heart Gallery Houston, a powerful, traveling photographic exhibit created to help find forever families for children in foster care. Nearly 1,000 children in Harris County, the largest county in Texas, wait for a family and a place to call home. The Heart Gallery is an outreach initiative that can be found throughout the nation, directly addressing these children who historically only have a 1% chance of being adopted before aging out of the system. With a Heart Gallery program in place, the national statistic of these children being adopted changes from 1% to over 60% – and continues to grow. Heart Gallery Houston is BEAR’s newest program and is one that will change lives forever.

If you are interested in becoming a Heart Gallery Hero today, please complete the form below. For all other inquiries, please email our Heart Gallery Outreach Coordinator, Katie Magee, at Katherine.Magee@harriscountytx.gov