The Need

Each year approximately 16,000 children are involved with Child Protective Services (CPS) in Harris County. Unfortunately, more than 1,000 of these children are removed from their homes under emergency conditions. Some of the children removed from their homes are shoeless – sometimes even clothes-less, wearing only soiled diapers. When these kids are placed in temporary care, the small stipend the County is able to provide may not cover all of the child’s expenses. Some expenses such as hygiene items, school supplies, “extras” like holiday gifts and funds to set up a kid graduating from high school are a real stretch for some families.

This is where BEAR steps in…

BEAR’s programs serve children in the care of CPS throughout Harris County by providing emergency supplies: diapers, clothes, shoes, car seats and cribs, formula, school uniforms/supplies, and more. BEAR even provides items needed for youth who are graduating from high school and transitioning out of CPS care.

To report a suspected case of child abuse, call the Texas Abuse Hotline at (800) 252-5400. The hotline is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Reports can also be made by clicking here.