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We are sorry your question is not listed. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

How is BEAR funded?

BEAR is funded through a variety of sources including individual donors, grants, foundations, and group/corporate donations.

How can I donate to BEAR?

You can donate to BEAR online by clicking here or mailing a check to our address as listed below: BEAR ATTN: Merri Hahn 3572 E TC Jester Blvd. Houston, TX 77018 BEAR also accepts in-kind donations from varying individuals/groups/organizations. To find out how you can host a drive for BEAR, contact our Outreach and Heart… Read more »

What items do you need the most?

The highest population that we serve through our BEAR Rooms is 6 – 13 years old. Our most needed items include undergarments, shoes, socks, pajamas, and clothing. Please remember that we only accept NEW items.

Why does BEAR only accept new items?

The children served through our BEAR Rooms are often first-time owners of something new, providing them with hope and help throughout their journey. Additionally, in an effort to avoid allergic reactions and due to our limitation in staff, we are unable to screen each gently used donation. We appreciate every donation, but do request ONLY… Read more »

How do I start a donation drive?

To set up a donation drive, visit this link for more information. General Tips Are: Select an item(s) to collect. Our biggest need includes items for tweens and teens (clothing, socks, shoes, pajamas, etc.) Spread the word to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors about the drive by either posting to social media, flyers, emails, etc. Remind… Read more »