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What is BEAR?

BEAR is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit whose mission is to provide hope and help to the abused and neglected children of Harris County and the caseworkers who protect them. We serve children in active CPS cases year-round through our four major programs: BEAR Necessities, BEAR Back to School, BEARing Gifts, and Heart Gallery Houston.

What is a BEAR Room?

Our BEAR Rooms are emergency supply rooms for abused and neglect children in Harris County. Often times children are brought into CPS care with soiled clothing and/or no food in their stomachs. BEAR Rooms are here to respond to those needs. Our staff ensures that each room is fully stocked with formula, diapers, shoes, clothing,… Read more »

Is BEAR a part of CPS (Child Protective Services)?

In short the answer is no. Thanks to our partnership with the Department of Family and Protective Services and Harris County Protective Services, BEAR is able to verify specific details to ensure active CPS cases are being served through our BEAR Rooms. Anything beyond demographical information remains confidential and unknown to BEAR.

Where are the BEAR Rooms located?

We have two BEAR Rooms in Harris County. One BEAR Room is located within a Harris County Protective Services building that also houses an intake center, youth shelter, and health clinic. The other is located within our warehouse next to the main BEAR offices, to make any visit here convenient and efficient for Caseworkers. Caseworkers… Read more »

Who can get items from the BEAR Rooms?

Only CPS staff is allowed to check inventory out of any BEAR Room. Each room has inventory forms that require specific information pertaining to each case. These forms detail which items are being taken from the BEAR Room to serve children in active cases.

Where does BEAR get items for the BEAR Rooms?

BEAR is able to provide tangible resources for the two BEAR Rooms through fundraising and community donations to BEAR’s Annual Fund and BEAR Necessities programs. To physically “shop and stock” a BEAR room, BEAR receives assistance through the Junior League of Houston and BEAR Society volunteers. BEAR is also grateful to have community partners such… Read more »

Can I report child abuse to BEAR or its staff?

Though we serve children in active CPS cases we are not CPS. If you know of any cases of child abuse or neglect please report them by calling 1-800-252-5400 or online at 24 hours/7 days a week. To find out how you can help the abused and neglected children in Harris County click here.