BEAR Necessities

BEAR Necessities operates eight BEAR rooms throughout Harris County that provide emergency supplies all year round for children who are in CPS care. These children often have nothing but the clothes they were wearing when the case worker arrived. Without supplies from BEAR Necessities, these children would not have critical items such as car seats, formula, diapers, clean clothing, hygiene supplies and more.

Each month, BEAR Rooms provide approximately 1,000 abused and neglected children with essential items. CPS caseworkers have access to a 24 hour BEAR room with other remaining open Monday through Friday from 8AM-5PM and each item is at no cost to the families.

Sometimes, the difference between a child who goes to school and one who doesn’t is a pair of shoes, a notebook and pencil. Sometimes, the difference between an infant who is healthy and one who isn’t is formula, clean diapers, lotions and powders — BEAR ensures that these children will not have to go another day without things that we all take for granted.


To donate the critically needed items to the BEAR Rooms or take a tour of a room, please contact Michelle Searles at or call (713) 295 – 2756.

You can also help by giving much needed funds to help BEAR stock the BEAR Rooms dispersed around Harris County. For more information on how to donate to BEAR Necessities, click here.