BEAR…BE A Resource for CPS Kids presents…

August 21 – October 21

The safety of our donors is our top priority, for without all of you, we at BEAR are truly unable to fulfill our mission of providing hope and help to abused and neglected children in our community and the Greater Houston Area. Because of this, we are thrilled to introduce BEAR’s first-ever completely digital event: The BEAR-y Big Race to $100,000!


To put it simply: abused and neglected children depend on BEAR. COVID-19 has decimated so many industries and jobs, and has left families and children to struggle more than ever before. Through your contribution, you will help ensure that we at BEAR are still able to supply these families and children with essentials they deserve to have access to not just today or during these uncertain times, but every day.


Five different teams that have faithfully supported our Clays for Kids event over the years will “fund-race” against one another to see who can raise a minimum of $20,000 for BEAR! The winning team will be announced on Facebook Live on the evening of Wednesday, October 21st. This year’s teams are:

  1. Christi & Dean Quinn
  2. Mark Hobbs & Craig Payne
  3. Dutch Phillips
  4. Tom Bastian & Charles Philpott
  5. BEAR’s All-Star Board of Directors


BEAR’s first-ever digital “fund-racing” event, where YOU are in the driver’s seat to help determine the winner! This fundraiser will take the place of Clays for Kids 2020, which has been postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19.


The event will officially launch on Friday, August 21st, and will conclude on the evening of Wednesday, October 21st, on Facebook Live! This gives our teams just over 8 weeks to raise $20,000 each!


All aspects of this event take place from the comfort and safety of your home! All you need is access to the internet to get involved and make a difference.


Crowdfunding and word of mouth! Through media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Constant Contact, weekly race updates will be distributed to BEAR’s donors and followers, as a way to engage the audience in this digital race. This type of event not only garners competition, but is also an organic and fun way to expand our mission to more of the community! Additionally, different levels of participation will be available (see below or CLICK HERE) for this event. A general digital ticket to the event is $100 and includes: one raffle ticket and access the digital event space to participate in the silent auction.

Ways to contribute:

  1. Purchase a ticket or sponsorship level by CLICKING HERE! Remember, a $100 donation (ticket) includes a raffle ticket and will gain you access to the digital event where you can participate in the silent auction!
  2. Donate an item or items in-kind to our raffle or silent auction!
  3. Spread the word on social media to encourage others to get involved and join the race!

For any event-related questions, kindly contact BEAR Event Staff at or (713)-274-9858. Thank you, Houston. Happy Fund-Racing!